I am The Memory


One plus two are … or three plus five are …

Do not difficult things just play with the color

Or, what time is it? If you’re right the clock smile

Sometimes you play music with your abacus blocks

Left, right, top and bottom. You shake your hand everywhere

We sing all the songs till the lullaby songs

The years and times flies so fast as the wind, like yesterday you sit there on your own little chair

With your eyes glinted from curiosity. You count from one to ten with your sweet smile

You draw my attention, suddenly you said ‘I could count to twenty’ Fantastic!

Your old abacus, still kept in my mind. Decorated my memory about you, when you’re four years old

The old abacus still remains. Beautiful part of my responsibility

He still remains, until you come to me with your own child. And I say, … one plus three are …

‘ I am the Memory’ by 2014©DellaAnnaPhotography

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